Sunday, November 8, 2009


This year for Halloween Cincy wanted to be Hannah Montanna! I thought she would change her mind when we went to the Halloween store and saw all the princess costumes but all she had to say was where is a microphone to go with my outfit!!! gotta love her :)
Brooklyn unable to talk got to be a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader :) they both looked so dang cute and we had a great time! of course sad we didnt get to go up North and spend the Holliday with grandma and grandpa (we didnt wanna get Whitneys swine flu)!
and sad to say I did not dress up Hell must have froze over because I never thought the day would come :) next year look out because the whole fam is gonna be dressed up AWSOME!

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Atwood Ohana said...

Love the costumes! It was so fun seeing you guys at the mall last weekend. Your girls are so dang fun! I would love to get our families together again. love ya and you looked amazing by the way! I wish I looked that good when I was 4 months preggers!